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Happy Anniversary Saien!
Happy 2nd year Anniversary SAIEN!

Review: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Ch372


You have to make this epic Amano-sensei~~~! 


The Mist of Arcobaleno! I'm expecting epic epicness from this Illusionist. The Mammon that is the Mist of both Arcobaleno AND Varia. (It is funny how he really sounded like a kid telling his 'dad' how the other kid bullied him! - when he was babbling TO Xanxus, on all the times Fon bullied him)


And that's not all, it is TWO full-grown Arcobaleno in one fight! 

OH yeah! It is Arcobaleno Fon's Exploding Dragon Fire Dance! Though Mammon got the better of him... And attacked his brain - well, that is what genjutsu is about. That is why I hold the Mist up, up high. Because illusions, though not physically damaging at all times, attack the most precious of all - the brain. 

As F often reprimands me, it is all in the brain. 

And so despite the 'undefeatable' attack of Fon, the Mist got the better of him still. 

It's taijutsu vs genjutsu! (cross-over with Naruto :)) If its the battle of the Rain of Vongola and Varia it is cross-over with Rurouni Kenshin)

And now, with Mammon's "who ever doubts his victory will self-destruct", I'm really hoping for the best. Because it is Hibari, Fon, Xanxus, Squalo and Mammon - all of them never doubts their victory. They are always sure and confident. All of them is used to be able to defeat an enemy in one stroke. So now that they are against each other, what is it to expect but a true battle royale!


The epicness that is Katekyo Hitman Reborn... I'm keeping my hopes... Amano-sensei. 

On the other hand, seeing this tells me that Reborn really isn't taking this Battle of Rainbow Curse (or so) by its face value. 

With someone in the shadow, it makes me believe that the Arcobaleno is making their own move and catch the man that placed the curse to the strongest 7. 

Review: D-Gray Man Ch 212
You are so confusing Katsura-sensei!!! 

What is up with Link this time? 

Waaaah! *cries*


Allen! Poor you. With all this happening to you now and Link being alive, I have this faint, faint idea that your master is somewhere - the man that led you to smile on your own instead of being the host of the 14th alone. Cross is too cunning to die. 

The drama Katsura-sensei! The drama! Don't I just love your dramas! 

"Why are you throwing away your hard-won freedom!" (I gave you!) - Allen to Kanda



Sorry, but I'm really buying the drama of Kanda's former lover (re-incarnated to his childhood best friend). Don't you love f*cking your characters' minds sensei? That's why I believe Cross is alive. Because it will destroy Allen to discover that his own master is a conspirator. Just when he is most vulnerable. Cross is too important to Allen to just die unknown. 

The Order is too dark. I wish Komui and Lenalee can find a way out as well. 

(You are so gorgeous Kanda! I love the *turning around with your hands on your sword* with the swishing of your long, tied hair! So Kenshin-ish!) 

2011: In Review
Yosh! Fresh from media noche, I will post - in quickies -  my best and the nots of year 2011. The bases, of course, are from anime lineups and manga chapters I have watched/read aired/released on 2011!

Best Anime of 2011

Steins;Gate (anime,manga)

Fate/Zero (anime)

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Season 1 and 2 anime; manga)

Worst Anime of 2011

No hates. Twas a good year for animu! Plus, I never hated one.

Biggest Surprise(S) of 2011

Nichijou (anime)

Gosick (anime)

Guilty Crown (anime)

The World God Only Knows (anime season 2; manga)

Naruto - TobiMadara chapter (manga)

Biggest Disappointment of 2011:

Fourth Shinobi World War: Naruto (manga) -  it's a tad unrelatable, we lack Naruto posts this year

Best OP of 2011: 

Oath Sign - Lisa (Fate/Zero)

Best ED of 2011:

Ashita, Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Iku - Wakaba (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)

What to Look Forward to in 2012?

February 2010 - Steins;Gate OVA

April 2012 -  Fate/Zero Season 2

June 2012 - Blood-C Movie

August 2012 - Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action (?)


Review: D-Gray Man Ch 210
Is it? 

Sometimes, my head aches with D-gray Man, especially when I try to really soak up in the manga, but it wouldn't hurt to try, sometimes. 

So after several chapters, Allen is back? The thing about Allen is that, what he is, the whatever in him, is difficult to realize. See, Allen is supposedly the container of the 'The 14th' or 'The 14th' himself (whichever is less confusing), also the prophesized 'Destroyer of Time', and (because he was once saved by his Innocence and the Apocryphos, whose purpose is to protect the Heart, told him once, he is to save Allen) is probably the holder of the 'Heart of the Innocence' (Lenalee's Innocence is also suspected to be the Heart). Given that and his conflicted history, it is easy to realize how Allen might not be able to take it all properly. I seriously wonder what will happen to Allen... Though, as shown in one of the previous chapters, Cross' 'compassion' for Allen supposedly let the boy be his own and smile again (and many things too).

I did expected Kanda to come back. It is a given he and Allen hate each other, but they are friends. One of the reasons Allen was imprisoned after the last battle is because he made move so Kanda leaves with 'her'. Allen is revoked by the Order, if there is one person who would be with him after that, it would be Kanda (and Lenalee, but Lenalee can't just leave Komui. No please.) And Allen's transformation into a Noah, it is not like Kanda can help on that, even if he reported it to Komui (I like the guy but I don't like the Order). Within Allen is 'The 14th'. It's just clear how deep their friendship is - the things they are willing to do for each other...

The Order is darker than the Noah and the Akuma. I agree with Kanda... The Order is as ominous as The Earl.  

And I do think it is really Allen...

It is Allen. ^_______________________^ 

That's nice. I wish Lenalee and Ravi would join the team soon. 

Ba-Kanda, you bastard!!! What did you mean by that!!!? 
I can't stop laughing! The prejudice against scientists is prevalent even in manga... 
(We're not that nerd!)

And I'm starting to develop a fear for clowns too. 

Review: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Ch363
I'm so sorry for being too much of a fan girl! 


But look! Yess!!! It is Fran and Mukuro fighting together! I'm so sorry but I really have a thing for illusionists. That makes Team Verde my favorite team for the Battle for the Rainbow Curse whatsoever this is called. Science and Mists! How cool can you get?! Hahaha! 

And then, this...

I'm normally too oblivious with yaoi hints (but I think that obliviousness diminished greatly with hanging out with F a lot) but it is hard to ignore plain and obvious hints like too many to count for Gokudera and Yamamoto. Yaoi or not, it is still nice to see them fight together, and versus Kyoya no less.  

So thus far, here is what had been done...

...and to be honest I didn't understand how that was tallied. Because some fights weren't shown and I'm not in the mood to think. But I assume some of the 5 people Team Verde defeated are from Uni's Team. 

Review: One Piece 646

How did my cute little Chopper became like this? *cries* 

Hahahaha! I never, once in my life, considered Chopper someone - something? - to worry about just because he is so cuteeee! :)) Am still not over the fact that Chopper can grow up... 

Not much in the chapter. Just epicness from Luffy's team... 

where Brook don't just sing (O~~ho~~~hooo~~~hoooo~!) but really kicked some ass, Chopper grew up (TT.TT), Franky joined the robotics-super-genius-association-in-manga and will soon manufacture the next Voltes V and Daimos robot (sorry that's the only mecha series I know), Usopp and his botanist's attack (it was just epic!),

Sanji and his blowfish preparation, and (OHMYGOD!) Zoro's onigiri! Onigiri?! I thought that was Sanji's line!!! hahahaha! 

The entire time, the girls were staring, impassive, uncaring (no fangirling what-so-ever). Hahaha! Just kidding girls! 

And I can't believe that after one week break Oda-sensei only delivered a 12-page chapter! 

Review: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Ch362
I don't care if the chapter was a crap. If it concerns the Mists, then... 

What was that suppose to mean? Chrome's dying? Why? Mukuro's power being channeled to her is slowly being cut off? How? Why? Mukuro? Mukuro, you bastard! What are you playing at again? 

It sure does not have anything to do with the Arcobaleno right? 

Kyaaaah! Is this a premonition for me? Hahahaha! 

KHR: Popularity Polls Result

I'm posting because...

There's (my) Mukuro, Gokudera aaaaannnnd FRAN!!! (Though Yamamoto got kicked out of the top 5... My favorite swordsman in KHR...)

I bet Tsuna will be "biten to death" for beating up Hibari in the 'strongest' category. Hahahaha! Or not, just an excuse to fight Tsuna perhaps. :)) 

Sore ja! 

Review: Gate 7
F and I have been excited about this manga even before it started. Well, it's the genius CLAMP's manga! And it is set on Kyoto, Kyoto, Kyoto love! 

But I must admit, reading it makes my head hurt. 

Just like how it would have been with reading Tsubasa if F wasn't explaining everything. Hahaha! 

Let's begin with the first nosebleed...

Toyotomi is familiar. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's nephew and heir before his son Hideyori was born. Hideyoshi is one of the great unifiers of Japan, who with Oda Nobunaga, ended the Sengoku Period (Warring Period) of Japan. I know a bit of Japanese history, exactly why I'm in love with Kyoto. So that part is okey and I should have expected those names to come up. 

When it did, I was excited. This is a historical-manga! Spell COOL! 

And then...

Ooookey! This is crazy! Hahahaha! I don't know Mitsuhide! I know Nobunaga was betrayed by his general that ended up with him committing seppuku in Honnou-jii so he won't be captured by his enemies. I didn't know it was Mitsuhide! Or I forgot. But Kami-sama, what am I in for?! 

But I like it. 

Now that I had to look up! It shames me to forget my Japanese history. Really. 

So there. Just a taste of CLAMP's history class. 

I'm presently having my review in Japanese history while reading Gate7. Though I think I'm understanding how Chikahito is like Hana but different. (Don't worry F, I won't spoil your reading.)

I know this will be a good one. Just like how F and I are enamored with Nurarihyon no Mago because of its history-tinged plot. More so because it is CLAMP's. And they are masters of "I don't understand! What is happening?" moments. 

I better get back to my "confused" moments and am hoping to have "a-ha" moments... 


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